Participant PIN reference and Sending Manual Notifications

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Site users are able to reference Participant PIN numbers for the purpose of assisting participants with sign-in. Manual pre-configured notifications, such as sign-in information, can also be sent to specific Participants.

There are three ways participants can be notified with sign-in information:

  1. Automated notification designed by the Study Builder

  2. The Participant can use the ‘Forgot Pin’ option on the sign-in screen

  3. Site personnel manually provide the Participant with their Pin number.

Automated Notifications

If configured by the Study Administrator, the system will send Participants their sign-in information, including a PIN number when the Registration form is saved.

Study Admins - Read here for help on setting up patient notifications.

Notifications to participants when forms become due to complete are automated based on the study configuration. Study Admins can read here for help with defining those parameters.

Accessing the Participant's Pin

On the web:

On the App:

Open the Registration form by tapping the status icon in the subject list:

Tap the heart icon at the top, and reference the Participants registered email address:


Manual/On-Demand Notifications (Mail Merge):

Patients can be directly messaged by the site with pre-designed notifications through the ePRO mail merge link highlighted below.

This is only to send patients a notification that has been created by the study administrator. A common use for this is re-sending the patient any automated notifications, such as login credentials, that have been lost by the end-user.


Steps to use the participant mail merge function:

  1. Click on Subject>Subject Manager to display the list of subjects.

  2. Click on the ePRO icon for the subject you need information for.

Next, select which message and distribution list to send the patient. The options available here are created by the study administrator.

  1. The email address is redacted for patient confidentiality reasons.

  2. Current Subject only shows PIN 

  3. Click Send Notification to send out the merged email to the subject on record.

This will only send the participant messages if an email address has been provided on the registration CRF. After selecting and merging an email, as shown above, the patient email will be displayed in redacted form if one exists. This is so users with site access who need to be blinded to patient identifiers do not see the email address. To access the email address, open the eCRF where it was collected and you will be able to view if you have not been blinded to the field.


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