Reporting Objects

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Reporting objects allow Study Administrators to create basic graphical reports for ad-hoc execution, or to display on the home screen of the mobile app for other targeted user roles in the study.

Configuring Reporting Objects

It is accessible to anyone with the HOST level permission in role security.

Reporting objects can be accessed from the Host menu on the iOS mobile app only.

From the following screen, new reports can be created and existing ones can be executed or updated.

When defining a report, targeting it to specific roles in a given study and checking the box to “display the chart on home page” will cause the report to display on the home screen of the app when those particular user roles sign in (currently only on iOS). If not displayed on the home page, users must have access to the reporting objects configuration to access them.

Object Types: Prepackaged vs Cross Tab

Prepackaged reports are pre-configured to pull specific data types that the system already knows. Many of these are also already displayed on the Dashboard Report.

  • Adverse Events Summary

  • Data Review Progress

  • Number Over Time

  • Query Status

  • Site Progress Report

Cross Tab reports allow for selecting up to two choice fields from a given form to view total results of the various choices made in the study.

For example, a study may need to report on the number of AEs in the various categories. To do that simply select the Adverse Events form in the study, the report type, and choose the AE category field from the form.

Number Over Time (prepackaged report)

This is particularly helpful in measuring a value over time contributing to an overall study total. An example would be pain medication study where a form is collecting the participants pain rating over a period of time after consuming the IP.

Executing Reporting Objects

Users who were given access to the report will be able to view it on the home screen within the iOS app. It will display in a collapsable section of the screen. From here, the full report can also be generated in table view and exported.



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