Action Item Report

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The Action Item Report, accessible on both the web and mobile app, displays the following categories for the purpose of keeping the study data up-to-date:

  • Missing Records - Forms that are required but past the visit schedule window

  • Forms awaiting reason for change

  • Forms saved in draft status

  • Forms containing at least one open query

  • Forms pending review at the different workflow levels

A user’s role and permissions will dictate what they can see/do within this report.

The site filter at the top of the report allows for viewing the data for a specific site or for all provider sites the current user has access to. Admin site data can only be viewed one site at a time.

To view the data for each section, tap the section header to expand/collapse the list, as shown below:


The screen will load metrics in the section headers only when the section is tapped to load the table.



Mobile App:

  1. Open the Reports list from the main navigation bar

  2. Select the Action Item Report from the list:


Tap on any of the action item reports available in the list to open the corresponding table:



Number of Records In Each Section

A metric for each section will display based on the number of records in that section.

On the mobile app, the metric will always display the number of records across all Provider sites that the current user is a direct member of. Once the list is opened up, the list may show other provider site data if the user is not a direct member of the site but has access to the data.

Metrics on the web will display the number for whatever is being filtered and shown in the table.


Data Changes Without A Reason

This lists records where data was changed but a reason was not provided by the user. This means the records are flagged and cannot progress for further data entry or review until the change reasons flag is cleared.

Typically users will provide reasons right away as data is changed, so this is a small list. In the event a large list is produced from data changes made in a version migration where the reason for all changes is the same, there is a function for applying a reason in batch to the entire list. This is done via a “Resolve All” button accessible to any user with the corresponding permission from the study role security settings.

Resolving All records in this list will apply to all records in the list regardless of the current filter applied

Missing Forms

Missing visits/forms is a list that can potentially change with every passing day, based on visit schedules across the study lapsing and forms becoming missing on a day-to-day basis for inactive subjects.

The number displayed here will be based on the last time the system updated the table for the study. This is triggered by any user who taps on the missed visits section within the action items and is limited to run/update once per day. Any other user who accesses the same report later in the same day would automatically get the current count.

“Rebuild” Button: This is present for users to manually update/refresh the list if needed, but is normally not necessary since the system will already perform this function automatically when a user accesses the report on a given day.

Factors Determining “Missing” Forms

A form is missing if:

  1. The form is required in a visit schedule

  2. The form’s visit window has passed

  3. The form has never been saved

  4. The form is not hidden by a condition

  5. The subject has not exited the study with a date that falls within the visit window.

  6. The record has not been deleted

Forms in the same visit window as the study exit will become optional and not count as missing.

Workflow Review Levels

This list is built dynamically when a user expands the table. For larger studies, the table will show data but may continue updating the count displayed in the section header. If all records are needed for exporting purposes, wait until the section header indicates the loading is complete.

Records will display in the table if they are ready for the corresponding review level. If the review level requires field source verification (FLSV), those records will also display. However, if the workflow role has permissions for batch review, any records requiring FLSV will not be batch reviewed unless all fields on the form are first locked.

For users with access to Bypass records in review, FLSV fields will be ignored and the records will be pushed to the next workflow level (if applicable).

Factors that can prevent records from showing in the list:

  • Contains open queries

  • Data changes flagged and awaiting a reason

  • Forms omitted at a given workflow level based on the form design


Mobile App:


Excluding Forms from Missing

If forms are counted as missing based on a defined visit schedule, there can sometimes be uncommon exceptions that require that those forms be excluded from the missing count. The action items report allows this to be done.

To exclude forms, check the box next to the record and tap the button below. This function is permission-dependent on the role security settings.

To view excluded forms, check the filter at the top or export the entire list to see which ones have been excluded.